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Welcome from the Director of Sixth Form/Post 16

Welcome to Post 16 at The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust. 

To understand what an academic institution really stands for, you must understand what is at the centre of the organisation: it’s ‘why.’ Its purpose; its reason for existing; its cause; its central and overarching belief that every decision can be traced back to.

At the Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust, our ‘why’ is simple: our students, who are our pride and joy.

Every movement made and every conclusion reached is done so after considering the benefits to be gained by our students and takes into account how it can enrich the lives of our young people.

To truly understand what we do, please see the below explanation:

Why: Our Purposes

  • Our students must graduate from Post 16 in a better position than when they came;
  • Our students must make better than expected progress;
  • Our students must enjoy their learning and feel fulfilled;
  • Our student must be prepared for the next stage in their lives;
  • Our students must be catered to in a bespoke fashion, whatever their aspiration;
  • Our students must carry on the Trust legacy of excellence into their adult lives.

What: Our Processes

  • Provide quality teaching and learning across four secondary colleges;
  • Offer transformative experiences both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Support our students through important life decisions;
  • Invest time in understanding our students;
  • Expose our students to opportunities that link learning to the wider world.

How: Our Methods

  • Diverse and dynamic curriculum which seeks to have something for everyone;
  • A focus on independent and skill-based learning;
  • Dedicated members of staff who are experts in their respective fields;
  • Half-term booster classes to offer specialised intervention where needed;
  • An Ambassador Programme to promote leadership and collaboration within students;
  • Post 16 mentors, dedicated to Year 12 and 13 who support students outside of the classroom;
  • State of the art facilities (a radio station, a hair and beauty salon, an engineering workshop, a law court, a bank and computer suites to name but a few;)
  • Links with several companies and platforms for work experience and apprenticeship opportunities;
  • The setting of aspirational targets;
  • Students are required to four qualifications in Year 12 to give them a competitive edge;
  • Students are encouraged to undertake additional qualifications such as the EPQ and AS/A Level Languages;
  • Working in tandem with parents, each step of the way.

Our ‘why’ is clear. At the Trust, we are fuelled by our students and we are driven by serving them. We believe in challenging the status quo and we believe in innovative thinking to ensure the success of each and every Post 16 student. ‘Average’, ‘pass’ and ‘normal’ are not in our vocabulary. Our students must excel; they must be extraordinary and they must defy any limits placed upon them.

Director of Post 16