Meet the Team

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust is a very credible sponsor, with the capacity and determination to consistently drive up standards, as well as oversee the future development of its provision for its stakeholders.

The Executive Group, working through the Academy Board, has accumulated a wealth of experience and a network of support from other professionals across the private, public and voluntary sectors. This includes the skills and expertise of those involved in local business and occupations within the corporate world.  The Academy Board of this multi-academy Trust is made up as follows:

Stewart Duguid, Chair

Norman Deas, Trustee

Anthony Cohen, Trustee

Devard Russell-Jones,Trustee

Mario Flanagan, Trustee

Hasan Abubakar, Trustee


Stewart Duguid

As an IT and Project Manager, Stewart Duguid has first-hand experience of financial reporting requirements and risk management; he is qualified in both Business Continuity Management and also auditing management systems to ISO standards. With strong organisational skills, he has been highly successful in running his own business and also a diverse career with a number of multi-national organisations.  Using his project management skills, he has demonstrated his ability to deliver complex projects to budget and on time.  

Trustee since 18.11.14 [No pecuniary interests delared]

Norman Deas

Norman Deas has been closely associated with all aspects of the catering industry throughout his working life.  Having graduated from the Scottish Hotel School at the University of Strathclyde, he gained practical hands on experience within various sectors of the industry and ultimately directorships of several large contract catering companies.  In 1997, he set up Goodfellows CMS Ltd which specialised purely in Education and sold the company to Compass in 2004 before setting up GSS Catering Management Services as a consultancy to the catering industry.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a member of the British Hospitality Association, a past Chairman and Director of the European Catering Association (GB), a past Chairman and Fellow of the Association of Catering Excellence and was a non-executive Director of Pride Catering from 2009 to 2015. He is also the Treasurer and a Trustee of his local Church.  His outside interests include running for various charities which included the London Marathon in 2011 and is a keen supporter of several football clubs

[Trustee since 17.11.15] [Register of Pecuniary Interest dated 21st June 2016:  Service Level Agreement between The Trust and Norman Deas Consultancy Services to provide consultancy services on all aspects of the catering services within the Trust to ensure operational efficiently and compliance with all food hygiene legislation and to the agreed standards as laid down by the Trust.]

Anthony Cohen

As Head of Network Operations, Tony Cohen is keen to add value using a wealth of experience in industry, leading organisations and employing large numbers of people.  Educated in technical college and university environments, he recognises some of the needs of students.  Working across London and the surrounding region, he is heavily involved in employing apprentices and graduates, and also sponsoring employees each year through higher education.  He brings an employer’s perspective to education along with his own personal understanding, as well as that of employees.  Through first-hand experience, his focus has been on ensuring young people remain in employment and continue their education.

[Trustee since 01.12.18] [No pecuniary interests declared]

Devard Russell-Jones

Devard Russell-Jones is regarded as optimistic with tenacious analytical abilities calculated for success.  His professional background has its origins in the IT/Communications sector.  Currently a service manager within FTSE100 business, Rentokil Initial, he has developed a network of profitable relationships across all business sectors.  Resolute to success, he has moved a team from the bottom 10% of the business to the top 15% in respect of key performance indicators. Devard Russell-Jones is enthusiastic about new challenge which develops his analytical peculiarity whilst securing value for stakeholders.

[Trustee since 13.11.18] [No pecuniary interests declared]


Local Advisory (Governing) Bodies

Rosedale College http://www.rosedalecollege.uk/92/governance

Hewens College http://www.hewenscollege.co.uk/92/governance

Parkside Studio College http://www.parksidestudiocollege.co.uk/92/governance

De Salis Studio College http://www.desalisstudiocollege.co.uk/92/governance

Rosedale Primary School http://www.rosedaleprimary.co.uk/92/governance

Hewens Primary School http://www.hewensprimary.co.uk/92/governance

Brookside Primary School http://www.brooksideprimarysch.co.uk/92/governance