Vision and Values

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Innovative in its outlook, open minded in its approach and driven by a determination to maximise the life chances of children, The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust is focused on creating a culture which nurtures the ambition and potential of every learner.

Indeed, the Trust continues to drive up standards, promote self-improvement and create learning environments which value its children and young people, and are also valued by them.  Learners are actively encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and their learning; parents, guardians and carers become active partners in the education of their children.  Beyond this, each of the schools and colleges currently sponsored by the Trust seeks to be well connected to the community they serve, by going the extra mile in offering additional services and opportunities beyond the school day and during traditional holiday periods. 

The Trust prides itself on providing high quality educational provision with each individual learner being known, happy, supported and challenged to achieve their full potential through a genuine passion for learning.  Our schools and colleges offer caring communities where children develop as independent, confident and capable ‘third millennium’ learners. With this in mind, positive relationships and outstanding behaviour is promoted by ensuring respect is given and received amongst all adults and children so that everyone works productively together, sharing a common sense of purpose; each achieving the very best they can.