Hewens Primary School - Pinning Ceremony

Nurturing efficient pupil leaders is an integral element to school improvement. Children are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to enable them to take responsibility for their school, allowing them to contribute positively to the School and wider community.

Hewens Primary School held its annual Pinning Ceremony on Friday 8th November in which pupils were recognised and celebrated for their appointed leadership positions. Pupils were honoured for their judicious choices, studious characters and continuous efforts within the School by having their respective badges pinned on their blazers by their parents, guardians and carers, making this auspicious event all the more significant! The ceremony commenced with a harmonious melody sung by the School Choir and was soon followed by countless celebrations for the elected Road Safety Officers, School Council Representatives, Class Monitors, Alliance Captains, Vice Captains, Literacy Ambassadors, Head Boy and Head Girl and the Deputies.

What a triumphant experience for our Primary School Leaders! This honorary celebration saw our thriving pupils revel in poetry recitals, Psalm prayers and uplifting songs. Standing tall with right hands raised, the pupils administered oath, pledging to lead by example in serving the School and the wider community. The ceremony was graced by the Academy Chair, Marie Ashley who reminded the pupils to honour the trust and responsibility bestowed upon them and to be an example for others to follow.

“The children of today are the Leaders of tomorrow” – Nelson Mandela. On this day, parents, guardians, carers and staff got to witness a very proud moment for Hewens Primary School. It was a day dedicated to honouring the pupils and entrusting them with important responsibilities by leading the School from front; it was a defining moment for the children at Hewens.

Congratulations children! It is a privilege to have individuals like you representing our School!