Oxford University Trip!

On Tuesday 29th January, fifteen Year 10 students from Rosedale College attended the prestigious St. Anne’s College at the University of Oxford. The purpose of the trip was for students to gain a firsthand understanding and knowledge of student life at the university. On arrival the students were introduced to the University’s Outreach Officer Dr. Lucy Busfield, who talked about the university and its wonderful facilities, where the library is open 24 hours a day and has a copy of every single book ever published, where students are given one-to-one tutorials once a month and where there is a real sense of community, collaboration and cohesion.
Students were in awe as they were then given a tour of the small but quaint St. Anne’s College, a beautiful campus with courtyards and ivy climbing up the walls of the buildings. They were shown the common room, the coffee shop, the gymnasium and the undergraduate accommodation buildings. Next, they were served lunch in the College dining hall where they also had the opportunity to speak with students currently studying at St Anne’s.
After lunch they were given a tour of the Oxford Museum of Natural History, where in addition to the animal exhibits, they saw bees making honey. The students were then given a short but informative lesson on the natural world, which included touching an elephant’s tooth, the remains of a six billion-year old horse and studying live cockroaches. The museum completely opened students’ eyes to the natural wonders of the earth and made them think about evolution and causality. One of our students, Shayan Kashif said “It was such an amazing trip, the best trip I have ever been on.”