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  • ihg-trip

    IHG Trip

    Posted on 9th Oct

    On Wednesday 9th October, students from Parkside and De Salis Studio College attended the prestigious IHG event. Students gained exposure and an insight into the world of hospitality by working alongside a multinational hospitality company. With t...

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  • another-year-another-alliance-challenge

    Another Year, Another Alliance Challenge

    Posted on 9th Sep

    As Britain and many other corners of the globe swelter in extraordinary heat, even the climate change deniers must be beginning to question whether, if possible, we should all be doing more to protect our planet. With this in mind, the theme for t...

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  • enrichment-week-august-2019-

    Enrichment Week August 2019.

    Posted on 9th Sep

    Monday 12th to Friday 16th August was Enrichment week at Parkside Studio College. During the course of the week, Year 10 students came in to catch up on their coursework and to have some Intervention. A joint ‘Boys Day’ function was he...

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